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Korean Cosmetics

At the show, you can meet various Korean beauty products and technologies which have become a modern cosmetic trend in global beauty industry.
Check out the featured "Hottest K-Beauty trends and innovations" as below!

*Some items were selected from the exhibits of the concurrent shows.


Cosmetic packaging containers since 1984. Produce various product lines with high qualities.

Company Name: ELCOS CO., LTD.


Unique & cute point mask pack. Rich in minerals and vitamin C with cucumber extracts.

Company Name: SULMAE CO., LTD.

[Foaming Applicator]

APOLLO Foaming and oil Applicator pump 0.8cc. Best quality, available for customizing in color and bottle shapes.

Company Name: APOLLO IND. CO., LTD.


MP, LP are the dispenser of choice for products from liquid soaps to lotions. We are ready to supply various nozzle head designs.

Company Name: DARIN CO., LTD.

[Polyurethan Flocked Foam Puff]

A puff that expresses the natural makeup that is more natural and smooth than the covering power. Suitable for loose powder or pressed powder puff.

Company Name: S&P WORLD LTD.

[3D Filling]

Custom designed functional beauty products / Promote consumer purchasing by visualizing 3D of specific designs that suit brand concept.

Company Name: BLISSPACK CO., LTD.

[Color Make Up OEM, ODM]

Can maximize premium value by manufacturing our own mass production mold, having know-how to develop skin-friendly texture expressing artistic colors.

Company Name: CREVIS CO., LTD.

[iPM-019 Conch Carousel]

Aims at solving the problem of makeup tools cleaning / UV light kills bacteria and viruses / Prevent mildew growth / Prolong the life of your brush.

Company Name: IPM CO., LTD.

[Warm & Cool Facial Massager]

Vibration function increasing massage effect (On/Off) /  Increases Elastin+Moisturizing / Reduces spots and blemishes, removes impurities.

Company Name: ELRA KOREA CO.,LTD.

[Make Up Sponge & Puff]

Specialist in make up sponges and puff manufacturing, having not only know-how in this field with over 10 years experience but also advanced technology and facilities.

Company Name: SPONPIA CO., LTD.


Cosmetics R&D Center, Provide the consulting that cosmetics planning and research, development based on the rich knowledge in skin science and the diverse experience.


[KOCOSTAR Lip Mask -Red Rose]

Make your lips soft and kissable with KOCOSTAR Lip Mask -hydrogel lip patch infused with botanical essences that will make your lips feel and look irresistible.


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